Vendors 2018

jouluinen-taidekujakartta korjattu

1 Mirva Kontio 

Coming soon!

2. Noxi- WWW

3. Ryhmä Rämä 

Rosa Rea and Iia & Jiro Meri are a group of graphic design & game design students who are coming to sell different products of their own art, varying from zines to pins. So whether you like them demonic or just peachy (or why not both?), we have them all! Come and check for yourself!

4. Marmorin tilalle ehkä betoni 

5. Apila Pepita  WWW

6. Sefie Rosenlund

I’m a self-taught hobbyist artist from Turku. I create primarily digital paintings and have them printed on high-quality paper for stunning art prints. My subjects are mainly portraits and faces, and I do both fan art and original art. I like making rough, canvas-like textures in digital painting and leave brush strokes visible in the final painting. Come and have a look, maybe you’ll find your next wall art from my table!

6. Almond Feather

Hi! I will be selling stickers, charms, pins, magnets and more. I like to draw nature and animal related things but you will also get to see fanart of video games I have been playing recently.

7. Kiutiu – WWW

8. Tia Tast ‘Dawafii’ ja Emi Svinhufvud ‘EMi Baka’

Tia (WWW


9. Pihlajapaja

Coming soon!

10.Meg Eksoottinen Porkkana 

What’s so exotic about a carrot? Nothing really– until  it’s Made exotic. With this mentality I create different jewelries and accessories of all shapes and sizes out of recycled materials. Also, some pretty sweet prints might find their way on to my table. Within my troves of treasures you’ll find a unique gift for yourself or for instance to your neighbour Steve.

11. PoisonPineapple 

From my table you will find a vast spectrum of unique handmade polymer clay jewelry. Most of them have taken inspiration from themes such as fantasy, nature and occultism. Others are completely different- pastel and sickly cute glitter creations! Also available are resin jewelry, keychains, zines, postcards and loads of other things. See you at Artists’ alley~

12. Ulla ThynelWWW

I’m a full-time illustrator, artist and graphic designer. I sell art prints, books, postcards and other illustrated print products. I love nature, escapism and visual storytelling, and my art is filled with dreamy landscapes, mysterious characters and forest life.

13. Malvien- WWW

I sell handmade everyday items and accessories such as tote bags and pencil cases made of Japanese printed fabrics, as well as traditional Japanese hair accessories known as tsumami kanzashi.

14. Matti Maalismaa / Crown Wetworks

I’m a blacksmith. I make Things. In this frame of reference, Things generally consist of jewelry, decorative or utility items, brooches, hair pins, and anything else between heaven and earth. Majority of my wares are forged or cast metal.

As an artist I represent a unique and quirky vocation. By selling my products I am not only maintaining my existence as a human, blacksmith and vertebrate, but also preserving the cultural heritage of my trade.


15. Kouvolahti 

Anna Fant (graphic designer, WWW) and Miika Pekkonen (casual doodler, WWW) sell postcards, fridge magnets, bookmarks and other small prints. The topics include Christmas, characters from both animal and fairytale worlds as well as Finland..

16. Mikael Hoo ja Henriikka Iivanainen 

17. Aino Korpinen – WWW

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer living in Helsinki. My art often portrays animals or buildings and is inspired by small details and black and white coloring. I sell art prints and originals, zines, postcards and sticker packs. Also pins and magnets made out of birch wood.

18. Joniina – WWW

The perfect gift for animal lovers!

Joniina is selling prints of her water colour piece Crown at the price of 15€. 10€ of each sold item is donated to Alavuden seudun Eläintiimi ry (Alavus area Animal Team) to help take care of homeless animals in need.

The donations are used towards buying food and cat litter for the homeless animals as well as to cover veterinarian costs. Eläintiimi ry works towards taking care of abandoned animals until they are ready to be assigned to new and loving forever homes. The considerable majority of the animals in the care of Eläintiimi ry are cats.

For more information (in Finnish) on Alavuden seudun Eläintiimi ry, go to


19. Syssy

19. Nora B – WWW

Hi! I’m Nora, illustrator and graphic designer. I sell cards, prints, stickers and possibly some other small treasures 🙂 I share the table with my friend Syssy.

20. Neo Aarnikotka – WWW

Neo Aarnikotka is a game art student who resides in Helsinki. Besides game art they do plenty of ink works. At the artist alley Neo will bring a broad range of different cards which are printed on high quality paper, and there’s space to write on the other side. The art’s subjects often revolve around nature and all sorts of characters, but there are also darker fantasy world themes, topics related to diversity, and of course pictures suited for the winter celebrations. Besides cards there will also be other products like stickers and charms.

21. Juusto ja Seninni – (WWW) / (WWW)

22. Annika ”Gomis” Kiiskilä ja  Iida ”Damatris” Reitti

Annika “Gomis” Kiiskilä (WWW)

Iida “Damatris” Reitti (WWW)

23. Gentle Adventure – WWW

Gentle Adventure’s Amir and Daniel are designers who aim to promote sustainable lifestyle choices through gothic-esque aesthetics, by hand making lovely and functional objects using mainly repurposed materials. Gentle Adventure offers alternatives to single-use objects, such as cotton totes, handkerchiefs and ceramics among other things.

24. Ilumia design  – WWW

ilumia design was founded in October 2018 by a fashion design student, who likes to create adorable earrings, chokers, bracelets and rings. All products are hand made in Helsinki, Finland!

24. Emmi Nääppä ja Anna Heinonen  

Emmi Nääppä (WWW)

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer who loves drawing cute animals. I sell small print comics, stickers, fridge magnets, postcards and prints.

Anna Heinonen (WWW) Draws comics, funny creatures, cute stuff and so on. Also makes nice stuff out of them, such as stickers and postcards.


Coming soon!

26. Lamppu – (WWW)

Lamppu is an illustrator from Tampere, who enjoys doing artwork with acrylic inks, investing in the illustration’s story and feeling, but she also really enjoys making cute animals into keychains and stickers. Lamppu is selling postcards, art prints, original paintings, keychains, stickers, magnets and tote bags. Lamppu’s most famous selling products include foxes and LGBT-Cats, amongst other things.

27. Tipsutora – (WWW)