Rules and tips


  • Fan Art: Allowed, but your own style must be visible on the product. Traced/ copies are not allowed.
  • K-18 material: Allowed, but the seller is responsible of who they sell it to or who views it. Under aged persons are not allowed to buy or sell K-18 -material. It’s advisable to keep these materials covered somehow and in their own folder.
  • It’s prohibited to sell foodstuffs at Gloria.
  • Note! Remember to cancel your Artist Alley table reservation early if you cannot make it to the event after all, so we can give the table forward. If you haven’t canceled your table you’ll have to pay the price even if you don’t show up.
  • Please refrain from starting to pack your items up until the end of the day. If some of the sellers start to leave before the event ends everyones’ mood will be spoiled and customers will also leave. There’s not too long to sell so let’s all make the best of it!

Tips and other info:

  • The event has Free entry! The vendors only pay for their table.
  • The table size is 180x90cm and you can buy the whole table (20€) or just a half (10€) If you are organizing a program and selling your products at Artists Alley, you’ll get a 5€ discount on your table. Also workshop and panel hosts get the discount!
  • If you need electricity on your table, ask us.
  • The seller is responsible for pricing their own items. Clear and visible price tags are recommendable.
  • Make sure you have enough cash for change with you; coins and small paper money.
  • Plastic bags, rubber bands, plastic folders are very useful to help your customers get their purchase home safely.
  • Tablecloth that reaches down on the floor is good if you need to hide your personal belongings under the table.
  • You can decorate the table as you wish. Objects protruding from the table or stands you need to put next to the table are allowed, but must be negotiated with the Artist Alley organisers first.
  • Remember to eat and drink enough during the event. It’s also good to have a helper so you won’t have to leave the table alone if you need to use the toilet, or the like.
  • Keep your place clean and take your trash to a garbage bin at the end of the day.


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