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Applying for Artists Alley tables starts 8th of August and ends 31st of August at 23:59. 

You can apply as a seller alone or in a group. There is plenty of room on the big tables! You can choose from full table (180x90cm) which costs 20€ or half table (90x90cm) which costs 10€. If you’re hosting a program or workshop in our event, you will be given a 5€ discount from the table price. 

When applying as a seller we will ask you for:

  • Portfolio with 5-10 pictures of your products. If you’re applying as a group, please attach 5 pictures per applying artist. 
  • Please be sure that you portfolia links are working/not protected with password/link sharing is enabled since we don’t accept applications with broken links.
  • Seller introduction. Describe who you are and what will you be selling at the event with a few sentences.
  • Images and seller introductions will be used for advertising on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and here on our homepage. We will publish these bit by bit in, for example, in our Tumblr account.
  • Link to your website ie. portfolio, DeviantArt, Instagram, Tumblr…

The table will be paid after the tables are confirmed. The payment information will be enclosed in the confirmation email.

Before applying as a seller please remember to check out our Rules and tips.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@taidekuja.com